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We are a super friendly team here at Studio 100, what we really mean by that is all our products are animal friendly. Our candles are vegan, they do not contain any animal products, and no ingredients have been tested on animals. This was very important when choosing our ingredients as animal welfare has been close to my heart for many years as a volunteer of HUHA, and Retired Working Dog Adoptions NZ.

We spent a long time thinking of the right name and wanted it to be about us. As the candles are made in our studio and we live at number 100 in our street, it seemed Studio 100 was the natural choice. Our team includes Vikki, her husband Steve, and Sammy, Sweep and Zulu their three dogs who like to come into the studio to supervise the work.

Studio 100 also contains our silver workshop bench where all the Tresor silver jewellery is designed and created. My jewellery designs are all influenced by nature and the marine environment. We wanted to combine our silver jewellery and vegan candles. So on our site you can find vegan candles for the home, for wedding table decorations that can also come with a silver gift for bridesmaids and the maid of honour, or you can just treat yourself from our silver jewellery selection. Knowing that everything in our store is lovingly crafted at Studio 100.

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